To Preserve and Protect

We are a voice for the unheard. Trees speak. Do you hear them? We do! 

We are a private funded organization rooted in environmental stewardship. Trees and people, particularly during construction, need ongoing protection and considerations. Tree Police Services go out on a limb to actively pursue tree bylaw education. 

We have a mandate to inform educate and directly remind people to apply proper tree care and to remediate protection measures if required, to work towards bylaw compliance. Our aim is to actively pursue education and awareness initiatives with respect to all people and trees. We have a particular focus on trees and construction, especially the maintenance of tree protection areas on construction sites. 

Our goal is not to punish but to educate and aid in tree bylaw compliance.

We are your friendly neighbourhood Tree Police Services.

Our bark is no worse than our bite!

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Visit the links below to have a look at local tree protection bylaws in your municipality.